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As a sole practitioner, a family lawyer handles all aspects of their practice, including client consultations, document preparation, negotiation, mediation, litigation, and administrative tasks. I also handle other legal matters outside of family law, depending on their expertise and interests. Working with a family sole practitioner can have some advantages, including: Personalized attention: You can work directly with the lawyer who will handle your case, rather than being passed off to a paralegal or junior associate. Flexibility: Sole practitioners often have more flexibility in their schedules and fees than larger law firms, which can be beneficial for clients with busy schedules or limited budgets. Experience: Sole practitioners often have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their area of expertise, having worked on many cases in their field.


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Steven H. Wolff, Esq.

Emotions run high during family law matters, and a lot is at stake. Whether you are seeking custody rights for your children, worried about paying too much in child or spousal support, concerned about dividing a complex estate or want to protect your assets before marriage, here we emphatize with the sentiments you may feel during this challenging chapter of your life.


Whether you are pursing a basic divorce or are going through a contested divorce, having an attorney to advocate for your interests can be beneficial, At the Law Office of Steven H. Wolff, we have experience helping clients with:


Contested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, spouses come together in an attempt to civilly negotiate the terms of their separation out of Court. this is not always possible, however, as hot-button issues such as child custody and debt distribution and high net worth asset division can cause tensions to flare and make it difficult for divorcing spouses to see eye to eye.

Once both sides have had a change to present their arguments, a judge will issue a final decision that is enforceable by law. Either spouses can seek a modification to this order after a certain amount of time has passed or in the event of a considerable change in circumstances from the time the order was first issued.

Retirement accounts

How will my retirement account be handled in a divorce? If you or your spouse accumulated retirement accounts and divorxe is on the horizon then unless execeptions appy. New Jersey law requires a division of the assets which included retirement accounts. This can include, IRAs Simplified Employee Pension Plans and 401(k) savings accounts.

At the Law Office of Steven H. Wollf, we understand our clients' need for their retirement accounts in a divorce can make us feel like our long-term security is in jeopardy. Therefore , we ensure that you are getting the upmost attention and high level of care to ensure that assets are preserved.

Settlement and separation agreement

Here at the Law Office of Steven H. Wolff, we deal with property division issues, on a regular basis. Separation agreements are generally entered into by two parties that are married, but separated. A separation agreement is a contract between a married couple that deals with a variety of issues inherent in the divorce process, most especially the division of property. 

Post-divorce disputes

If an issue arises after a divorce has been entered, this is called "post divorce dispute."

Some of the most common issues involve the payment of college expenses, recalculations of child support and emancipation of children, as well as modifications of maintenance.

New Jersey has specific legal standards that relate to each of these issues, and we can help you inform you of the law that relates to your-post judgment issue.

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